Sean Suggs, Director of Human Resources at Nissan Motor Company – Nissan North America

Sean is an outstanding organizer of projects and major events. He has the ability to gain collaboration with a diverse group of people to achieve common goals and objectives. His ability to innovate and create break through ideas that can impact a company’s bottom line is unmatched.

Erik Deckers, Blogger, book author, professional speaker, humor columnist

I’ve had a chance to work with Sean on a number of occasions, including some speaking sessions he helped arrange in Evansville. Sean is a fast thinker, and comes up with some excellent marketing ideas in a matter of seconds. He helped me come up with some ways to promote my talks, which resulted in a much bigger audience and increased book sales. I would gladly work with Sean again on any future projects, and may have to find a way to do that again soon.

Ben Russell, Retail District Manager at Fifth Third Bank

Sean has a knack for finding ways to help companies advance their mission. He brings new ideas to the table and has the ability to connect multiple organizations with mutual benefit.

Chris Theisen, Director of Digital Communication at FlexPAC

I have had high level strategy discussions with Sean and am impressed with his knowledge of current trends in all things digital communication and marketing wise. He also seems to be a doer instead of a talker like most other consultants I run across.

Dan Caldwell, Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Mentor, Author, Leadership Development, John Maxwell Team, CEO / Owner Caldwell & Associates, LLC

It has been my joy to work and interact with Sean Wray. He is an intelligent, intuitive, forward thinker whose approach to the social media arena has caused me to stop and rethink what I am doing on more than one occasion. Sean always over delivers and is a committed consummate professional. His ability to manage multiple task while still come up with the desired results and within the predetermined time restraints make him a valuable asset to any organization. It is my delight and pleasure to highly recommend my friend and colleague Sean Wray.

Zac Parsons, Digital Marketing Architect with Lieberman Technologies

Sean is the type of professional that you feel thankful to have on your team. What struck me most about his approach to projects is how much ownership he takes with ensuring excellence in the projects that he takes on. Sean functions a lot like a concierge in that he isn’t satisfied with his project until he gets confirmation that his client is satisfied. The bottom line: If Sean says that he can do it, I trust him to get things done.

Carl S. Smith, Founder / CEO: Principal Discoveries, LLC.

Sean is one of the most ambitious, creative people I have know. He discovers ways to work with businesses finding innovative solutions to make clients one step closer to success.

Sean has a passion for helping people realize their potential by building relationships and analyzing customized strategies for long term solutions.

If you are looking for someone who is eager to see you succeed, Sean is the right person to work with. I highly recommend him.

Lindsay Merwin, Producer at StagePost

Sean is one of the most versatile and innovative collaborators I know. During my days as a cub television reporter, Sean helped me establish a solid network of contacts, increase my social media presence, and pitch out-of-the-box stories with local interest and impact. Always proactive and ever personal, Sean is committed to seeing his clients grow and succeed.

Kelly Cook, Certified Professional Photographer/Photography Consultant

Sean is one of the most creative and personable people to help me with my business. He has offered great ideas and ways of implementing them to bring more business to my portrait studio. His “out of the box” thinking is ideal for breathing new life into a stagnate company or bringing clients to a newer business such as mine.

Eric Kneller, Water Treatment and Purification Specialist, a.k.a. The Water Evangelist


This is my hyphenated word for the experience that you will enjoy when you sit down with Sean Wray for a business development consultation!

Bring a notebook and your idea.

Use shorthand, scribble, draw pictures, whatever you have to do to keep up with the flow as you witness Sean go through his mental Rolodex of contacts and important connections that will take that idea that you brought in and manifest an exponential return on your single seed.

If Sean says he is going to do something, he does! Integrity.

If you’re not big on follow-up, hire someone who is, because you will have a lot of action to take and revenue generating opportunities once you’re finished.

Believe what you will, but for me there’s nothing more important than knowing that I am working and building meaningful business with a brother in Christ!

Personally and professionally I thank you Sean for helping me build Living Water and for building the Kingdom!

Donna Robinson, Independent Distributor, Premier Designs Jewelry

When I first met Sean “Puffy” Combs I was awestruck…what’s that?…who?…Sean WRAY?…OH!

What can I say about Sean Wray? Sean is a man of many talents who gives freely of his creative skills. He created branding for my small business that has been instrumental in building my business. Sean has the ability to work with small business owners as well as large companies. He understands the differences and adjusts his marketing concepts accordingly. He has also been extremely helpful with various travel plans for my friends and me. Sean always makes me feel that I and my small business are just as important to him as any other client and is always willing to find the time to help me pump up my business marketing or plan a get-away. I would recommend Sean Wray’s services to any business owner who wants to set themselves apart and above from all the rest.

Natalie Failla, Account Manager at South Central Media

Sean is a problem-solver by definition. His “think different” mentality brings fresh, innovative ideas to the table that pertain specifically to the challenge at hand. He has the great ability to analyze all aspects of a business and works as a valuable resource to provide inventive solutions to the issues each company is faced with.

Misty Wentzel, Director of Sales at Holiday Inn Evansville Airport

Sean delivers superlative knowledge and creativity with is consulting. We can always count on Sean to think outside the box and bring new ideas to assist us with everything from Social Marketing to community involvement.

Dr. Jessica Kuryla, Westside Chiropractic Center

When I first started my practice, I was unsure of which form of marketing and advertising would be the best fit for me and my business. I sat down with Sean and he really helped me find my direction. He gave me great advice with different marketing tools, such as, Facebook and Linkedin and how to reach my targeted audience. He is always keeping me up to date with what is happening in the social networking world, as well as different marketing events that he feels that I could benefit from. Sean is very knowledgeable with this information and is always willing to help!