Five Reasons Why You Should Use LinkedIn

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What is LinkedIn, you may ask? Isn’t it just another Facebook?

Well, sort of, but not really. LinkedIn is one of the most popular “social networking” sites among business users today. As of June 2013, over 225 million professionals from around the world connect with prospects electronically on LinkedIn, networking on over one million industry groups. Still not enough to convince you? Here are some tangible reasons you should consider joining: [Read more…]

The Backstory

Me - Desert Storm

Everyone has an ‘ah-ha’ moment (or two) in their lives.  I didn’t realize mine until several years after they occurred and even then they snuck up on me and lightly tapped me on the shoulder.  Most of my work experience has been in the area of sales and marketing.  My first ‘sales’ job was actually while I was in the military. [Read more…]

And We’re Off!

Today is a new day and a new (updated) website for Find Your Wray Consulting.  As I consult with my clients I do my utmost to ‘practice what I preach’.  We need to continue to improve and adapt to the ever-changing marketplace and utilize the resources that are available to us if we choose to grow and remain relevant.

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