Find Your Wray Consulting is a collaborative consultancy that offers an expansive range of experience and services along with a vast network of affiliate alliances to draw upon to service the needs of our clients.

Our portfolio consists of an eclectic mix of businesses, organizations and individuals who embrace the collaborative process as a necessary component in their growth and success.  In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world where everyone is trying to be noticed and heard, it is imperative to be flexible and open to change.

The needs of each company, organization or individual are unique and with all the options, opportunities and resources at our disposal, it can be difficult and time consuming to know where to turn for answers.  That is where Find Your Wray can be an invaluable resource.  We engage our clients to address their individual needs through assessment, evaluation, research and feedback as well as drawing from our diverse experience and access expansive network of resources.

Derived from several business entities, now blended together, Find Your Wray Consulting is able to partner with those organizations or individuals who are seeking unique and refreshing alternatives to the more traditional and one-dimensional consulting options. Our approach affords us the opportunity to provide our clients with a wider-range of solutions and alternatives that can be integrated and encompass more of the various aspects and components of an organization.

Our experience encompasses a broad range of businesses and organizations including:

  • 6 – ‘Global 100’ companies
  • 18 – ‘Fortune 500’ companies
  • Numerous non-profit organizations
  • Civic and governmental organizations
  • National, regional, state and local associations

Dozens of mid-size and small businesses in a variety of fields and industries, such as:

• Retail
• Travel
• Unions
• Military
• Churches
• Logistics
• Insurance
• Education
• Promotions
• Advertising
• Manufacturing
• Event Planning
• Pharmaceutical
• Medical / Dental
• Customer Service
• Sales / Marketing
• Government / Political
• Communications / Media
• Restaurant / Food Industry
• Hospitality / Entertainment


About Sean Wray

I developed Find Your Wray Consulting from over 20 years of experiences, encounters, observations, and networking.  Over that time, I began to see things in a unique perspective, through a different ‘lens’ or ‘filter’ which allowed me to process information in a multi-dimensional way .  This process allowed me to cultivate and develop an uncommon skill-set that enables me to acquire and assess information, utilize my own resources and contacts to find creative solutions for problems and situations.

Like a chef that can walk into any kitchen and make a gourmet meal, using only the ingredients that are available to him, or a studio musician, who can get on a stage and begin to play along with someone else, no matter the genre, that is what I am able to do for an organization, when it comes to their needs

Using my wealth of experience working with businesses, organizations and individuals over the years, I developed a ‘concierge’ approach to consulting.  I have worked diligently to cultivate relationships to build a vast network of alliances and partnerships.  I recognize the true power of networking and how best to utilize and leverage those connections to serve others.  When I use words like ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’, it is because I only partner with others who share in the things I believe are vital, such as customer service, communication, collaboration, and relationships.

I have a passion for helping others and enjoy the collaborative process that it takes to find solutions.

I thrive on the diversity of my portfolio and the new opportunities that it offers.  My interpretation for ‘consulting’ is to create a growing and constant flowing process that links people, ideas and information together in an ever-growing web of authentic networking that creates solutions.

No matter what you need, let me help you find your Wray!

Contact us today to inquire how we can partner with you, your business or organization to better enhance, grow and clarify your needs and achieve your goals.  We welcome the opportunity to acquaint you with our offerings and overwhelm you with our service and attention to detail.